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Terrorists use smoke bombs to attack Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk airport

October 3, 2014

Unceasing fighting for Donetsk airport. Terrorists use smoke bombs

Terrorists use smoke bombs to attack Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk airport

Spokesperson for Information and Analytical Center of National Security and Defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

Terrorists in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts continue to violate the ceasefire regime causing more deaths of civilians.

Yesterday fighters shelled school causing direct threat to life of children. There were no wounded during the shelling but studying was suspended for some time.

During the last day, the highest activity of terrorists could be observed in the area of Donetsk airport, Donetsk city itself and neighboring settlements of Avdiivka, Pisky. In addition, there were shelling of area of town of Debaltsevo and neighboring villages. In these areas shelling with artillery, mortars, Multiple rocket launches systems, grenade launchers and small arms doesn’t cease.

Unceasing fighting for Donetsk airport

There continue unceasing fights for Donetsk airport. Yesterday Russian mercenaries attacked it twice under the cover of tanks and shelling of anti-aircraft weapons. The attacks were repelled.

Ukrainian reconnaissance registered arrival of significant amount of armoured vehicles, heavy artillery and personnel to the area of the airport. Russians have brought a sub-unit of drones for aerial reconnaissance and correction of firing. Russian specialists operate the drones.

The positions of defense of the airport were reinforced ensuring that Ukrainian Armed Forces would be ready to repel attack at the airport.

According to the last data today has begun another attack at the airport. There appeared unconfirmed information about usage of chemical gas [probably chemical weapon]. The information was not confirmed by official sources.

Head of the press service of the anti-terrorist operation Vladyslav Seleznyov has informed that terrorists have began assault at the airport, they have used smoke bombs and broke on the first floor of the old terminal of the airport.

The fighting currently continues. There is no information concerning losses yet.

Source: National Security and Defense Council,

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