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Terrorists test new weapon in Donbas

February 19, 2015

The character of wounds indicates that Russian terrorist forces test new types of weapon in Eastern Ukraine

 Terrorists test new weapon in Donbas

Minister of Health Protection Alexander Kvitashvili informed this during press conference in the Ministry Cabinet.

According to him, the nature of injures that people received in Donbas are not familiar to practicing surgeons. This indicates that Russian-terrorist forces use prohibited or new types of weapon.

Mr. Kvitashvili said that he received this information from Dniptopetrovsk [the city where the largest part of wounded is delivered]. Based on his experience from 2008 in Georgia when nobody could understand what type of weapon was used he can say that the same happens in Ukraine now. ‘New weapons are tested on people. Unfortunately, this is not for the first time’, – the minister said.

According to him, Russian terrorists and Russian troops use new achievements every time. The standard training of surgeons to treat people with bullet wounds is irrelevant today – the wound are totally different. Mostly people receive injures from explosions, after crushing of bones, there is more reconstructive surgery Israel has such experience.

Minister of Health Protection informed about plans to organize trainings for Ukrainian surgeons with participation of Israel doctors to ensure that they can respond to modern hostilities.

It is impossible to predict actions of the enemy that has attacked Ukraine. There are no guarantees in Donbas they don’t use weapons prohibited in all world. Correspondingly, very few people know how to cure such wounds. Cluster bombs and other similar weapons that are used there are prohibited.

In early February OSCE confirmed shelling of Luhansk city with cluster bombs.


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