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Terrorists suffer losses in Donetsk airport

January 17, 2015

Cyborgs control Donetsk airport

Terrorists suffer losses in Donetsk airport

Terrorists suffer losses in the airport, – ATO press-service

Terrorist fighters continue attacking positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk airport.

Press-officer of anti-terrorist operation colonel Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing.

According to him, in course of the previous day situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation was characterized by continued shelling and attacks at Ukrainian positions.

The battles in Donetsk airport continue. Fighters attacked positions of Ukrainian troops in the new terminal and in weather tower. Our servicemen repel attacks of terrorists causing heavy losses.

‘It is really difficult in the airport. There are constant shelling, attempts to attack, but the commandment takes it all into consideration, constantly sends fresh reinforcement, ammunition, food, medicine. However, the enemy does not abandon intentions to attack and control this strategic object’, – the ATO spess-officer said.

He also informed that last night, despite dense fire of the enemy, few wounded soldiers were evacuated from the airport.

Donetsk airport is under control of ‘cyborgs’

Donetsk airport is under control of ‘cyborgs’

Volunteer Tetyana Rychkova informs this.

During the night terrorists shelled the airport with mortars and artillery. As of Saturday morning the situation is stable? The airport remains under control of ‘cyborgs’.

The situation is stable. Our [servicemen] control the airport. The highter commandment is at place, I will not give positions, but they are right in the hot spot. We and Dmytro Marchenko rushed into with breakneck speed at the oment of massive shelling. The support of artillery from our side is powerful’, – the volunteer wrote.

She also mentioned that terrorist fighters had asced to stop firing in order to take away dead and wounded.


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