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Terrorists shelled checkpoint near the town of Mariupol during the visit of the President

September 8, 2014

Meanwhile DNR and LNR accuse Ukraine of violating the truce on ceasefire

Terrorists shelled checkpoint near the town of Mariupol during President’s visit

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed that on his arrival checkpoints of Ukrainian armed forces near Maruipol were shelled. According to the president thus terrorists tried to scare him. This was informed on president’s official Twitter.

‘After the announcement of my arrival at 01.30 pm there began shelling of our checkpoints. They wanted to scare me. Nobody is afraid!’.

We remind the situation near the town of Mariupol remains tense. This night Ukrainian armed forces repelled 3 attacks at the town.

Yesterday the city council of Mariupol informed that on the night of September 7 terrorists had shelled one residential district of the town. Later they informed about one wounded militant and a woman that died because of shelling.


Meanwhile terrorists in Donbas demonstrate their cynicism. DNR [Donetsk People’s republic] and LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] accused Ukraine on violation of the ceasefire and relocation and accumulation of its armed forces during it.

The self-proclaimed republics issued a joint statement in which they preserve the right to restart hostilities in case of usage of weapons by Ukrainian armed forces.

They also state that republics perform the conditions of the armistice.

Separatists also inform that there is not one signature of Ukrainian official with proper authority under the protocol on ceasefire. Thus, according to leaders of the self-proclaimed republics [terrorist organizations], Ukraine has transformed these negotiations in farce and an empty formality thus removing any responsibility from itself.

DNR and LNR also accused Ukrainian militants in usage of the truce to relocate and accumulate forces.


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