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Terrorists shell at the place of Boeing-777 crash

July 28, 2014

Terrorists are carrying out provocative shelling of the place of Malaysian Boeing-777 crash in Donetsk oblast. In the place of the crash there’s an area with diameter of 40 km where Ukrainian armed forces don’t conduct any military actions.

Terrorists shell at the place of Boeing-777 crash

This has been informed by NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko during press briefing in Kyiv today.

‘Theres a zone of the plane crash – 40 km, it means it has radius of 20 km. Our [Ukrainian] militants have already approached this area, and if there some explosions in the mentioned zone, Ukrainian armed forces have nothing to do with them’.

Lysenko has assured that due to the order of the President there are no military actions in the area of the plane crash, Ukrainian militants perform the orders at 100%.

‘Terrorists know about this and provocatively perform shelling and explosions. We officially declare that Ukrainian militants don’t perform any military action in the specified area’, – Lysenko underlined.


As it was informed earlier on July 17 at about 5.00 pm airliner Boeing-777 of Malaysian Airlines was shot down by pro-Russian fighters possibly using the guided anti-missily system ‘Buk’.

According to the airline there were 298 passengers on board including 15 crew members, no one survived.

On July 24 Ukraine delegated the investigation of the catastrophe of Boeing-777 of Malaysian Airlines to Netherlands.

Earlier today Lysenko has informed that Ukrainian armed forces have closely approached the place of the plane crash but it is not conducting any active military activity in the area.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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