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Terrorists and Russian mercenaries continue active aerial surveillance in the ATO zone

October 13, 2014

Three unsuccessful terrorist attacks at Donetsk airport during last day

Terrorists and Russian mercenaries continue active aerial surveillance in the ATO zone


Spokesperson for Information and Analysis Center of National Security and Defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during traditional press briefing in Kyiv.

The activity of terrorists in the area of anti-terrorist operation is located in five places where they regularly attack and make provocations. In particular, they attack Donetsk airport, surrounds of Debaltsevo and, in addition, increased activity of terrorists has been registered in Yasynuvatsky region.

3 attacks at Donetsk airport on October 12

Yesterday terrorists attacked Donetsk airport 3 times. The location is still under control of Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to operative data terrorists suffered substantial losses because of trying to assault Donetsk airport. Consequently, currently terrorist experience shortages in supply of personnel. In addition, according to operative data, another attack at the airport has begun recently.

Donetsk airport

Ukrainian serviceman has made a selfie in Donetsk airport

During the last day terrorists shelled positions of the forces of anti-terrorist operation in the area of settlement of Pisky, Tonenke, Novokalynkove [Donetsk oblast] and Myrna Dolyna [Luhansk oblast]. They used ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems.

Positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces near the settlement of Nikishyne [Donetsk oblast] was shelled with ‘Uragan’ multiple rocket launcher system.

During the last day, Ukrainian Armed Forces lost one soldier. Glory to Ukrainian hero!

Aerial surveillance in the ATO zone

Terrorists and Russian militants continue active aerial surveillance of positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation and border guards. Ukrainian servicemen detected and fired at 4 drones near the town of Mariupol, 2 drones near Donetsk and 3 on administrative border with territory of occupied Crimea.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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