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Terrorists imitate withdrawal of military equipment

March 1, 2015

According to Headquarters of anti-terrorist operation, Russian-terrorist forces deceive representatives of OSCE monitoring mission by pretending withdrawal of military equipment.

Terrorists imitate withdrawal of military equipment

General Staff of anti-terrorist operation inform that Russia-terrorist forces withdraw military equipment to deceive OSCE monitoring mission and then return it to previous positions at night.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation colonel Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

He informed about preparation of Russian-terrorist forces to attack in Mariupol, Luhansk and Artemivsk directions.

On February 28 unit of Ukrainian border guards caught Ukrainian citizen registered in Base of illegal armed groups created by Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

As it was previously reported, according to Minsk agreements the sides of conflict are supposed to withdraw their military equipment from demarcation line in Donbas. From its side Ukraine began withdrawal of heavy military equipment on February 26.

Terrorists imitate withdrawal of military equipment


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