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Terrorists have shelled the positions of ATO with ‘Grad’ systems, there’s an information that from 30 to 50 soldiers are dead

July 11, 2014

Terrorists shelled the positions of ATO forces near Zelenopillya with ‘Grad’ systems, there are losses among Ukrainian soldiers.

Terrorists shelled the positions of ATO forces near Zelenopillya with 'Grad' systems, there are losses among Ukrainian soldiers.


This was informed by Spokesman of ATO Vladyslav Seleznyov. ‘The fact that terrorists worked with ‘Grad’ on Zelenopillya if confirmed, there are losses among our forces. The detail will be available later and, probably, on the highest level’, – he said. – ‘I confirm this fact but I can’t give any details, the number of victims is being specified’, – the ATO spokesman added.

Meanwhile Maydan activist Volodymyr Parasiuk wrote in social network: ‘I’ve just been informed and unpleasant news. Today at 5 a.m. near Zelenopillya (Lugansk region) Russian fighters set ‘Grad’ system and shelled our guys from 24-th Motorized Brigade (from Yavorivshchyna, Lviv region). There’s a great number of killed and injured. There’s no connection. Everything has burned. There’s no help. I was informed of this terrific event by my friend who’s being there at the moment’. According to Parasiuk according to unofficial data the approximate numbers of killed and wounded soldiers are correspondingly 30 and 100 people.

The National Security and Defense doesn’t confirm or deny the information that has appeared on the Internet.

According to UNIAN correspondent Spokesman of info centre of NSDC Andriy Lysenko while responding to journalists’ questions mentioned that information was being specified at that moment. ‘We’re specifying information concerning soldiers and we’ll give clear response till 5’, – Lysenko said. According to him as for 12 a.m. There was an information that 3 soldiers had died and 25 had got wounded during the last 24 hours. Lysenko also added that the information about Russian tanks if Lugansk was being specified.


Also there’s an information that this morning from 6.2- to 7.20 a.m. 2 columns of heavy military vehicles came to Lugansk from Russia, they included: 6 tanks, 6 APC (armoured personal carrier), 2 ‘Grad’ systems and 8 KAMAZ vehicles with fighters’.


Source: UNIAN.UA


We express our deepest regret for the families of killed and wounded soldiers and hope that their death wouldn’t be in vain.



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