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Terrorists fired at column of troops with tank

February 18, 2015

Situation in Debaltseve escalated

Terrorists fired at column of troops with tank

Commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’, member of parliament Semen Semenchenko informed this.

He informed about receiving a report from commander of sub-unit which holds the front positions of the ‘road of life’ which leads to Debaltseve.

Column of retreating troops was left without tank cover. Tanks of terrorists shot the column from small distance.

Ukrainian artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’  shoot the enemy’s tanks. There is evacuation of wounded and dead soldiers.

‘I’ll write about everything which can be informed during wartime. Everything will need careful investigation then. It is important to save the guys nom. Glory to Ukraine’, – Mr. Semenchenko wrote.

Source: commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’, MP Semen Semenchenko

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