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Terrorists continue to shell residential areas in the ATO zone

August 25, 2014

Robbery and threatening in the territories controlled by terrorists

During the last 24 hours the ATO forces had 39 armoured clashes with terrorists in areas of number of settlements in the ATO zone

This was reported by Spokesman of Information Centre of National Security and Defense Council Colonel Andriy Lysenko during a press briefing in Kyiv.

There continue cynical shellings of Ukrainian settlements. Terrorists shelled village of Komuna in Donetsk oblast with ‘Grad’ systems. There are no positions of the ATO forces in this area. Lots of civilians suffered, their number is being specified.

In Kirovske [Donets oblast] a shell hit the Church of St John Kronshtadt, 3 people died.

In Petrovske [Luhansk oblast] terrorists shelled with artillery the territory of Chemical union Petrovski. As a result there started a fire at the warehouses where there are kept stocks of ammonite, artillery ammunition and disposals of solid rocket fuel that can cause civilian casualties ans contaminate the environment.

Terrorists threaten and rob civilians in their controlled territory. In the town of Yenakievo they have taken away all househols appliances worth about 4 million UAH from ‘Foxtrot’ supermarket. Gang of terrorists robbed local entrepreneurs at the central market in Horlivka. Fighters threated with death residents of Alchevks who have asked for payment of social benefits.

On the streets of Donetsk terrorists stop civilians, vehicles and check for Donetsk residence in their passports. It is prohibited to enter the city to those who are not residents of Donetsk. Also fighters don’t let people to leave the city and go in direction to Mariupol and Zaporizhya. Local residents are forced to leave the city using dirt roads bypassing terrorist checkpoints.

Officers of Security Service in cooperation with volunteer battalion ‘Aidar’ neutralized forest camp of fighters in Luhansk oblast (1 terrorist died, several were injured, the rest escaped). There were found mined arsenals, flamethrowers, ammunition and about 3 kg of explosives which were to be used to organize terrorist act.

During the last day pyrotechnic sub-units of State Emergency Service found and seized 994 ammunitions and explosive devices.

Source: NSDC

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