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Terrorists continue to make diversions, including economic sabotage and concentrate their machinery near Lugansk

July 8, 2014

Terrorists bring together Russian armour near Lugansk

Terrorists bring together Russian armour near Lugansk


This was informed by Head of Security Service of Ukraine Vanlentyn Nalyvaichenko in a TV program on ICTV channel.


‘Now there’s a hybrid war, aggression with the usage of terrorists, saboteurs, foreign weapon (Russian) and the usage of drug-addicts, criminals etc. There is an accumulation of military vehicles at Lugansk now’, – Nalyvaichenko said. ‘Terrorists continue to destroy infrastructure and economic potential of Donbas’, – he added.

According to him, terrorists block Khartsyzsk pipe factory in order to prevent it from working. But Ukrainian militants are trying to establish normal life in towns that have been released.

‘The first thing that we did on errand of the President was to restore normal life in the released towns, particularly in Slovyansk. We collected written applications, most of them containing claims to ‘find our relatives’. The relatives of the inhabitants had been taken away, raped, and at last they could apply at least to someone about that’, – Nalyvaichenko said.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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