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Terrorists continue loosing support of the locals

January 10, 2015

SSU detained fighter and prevented terrorist acts in Zaporizhzhia

Terrorists continue loosing support of the locals

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation informed this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

The level of support for terrorists among civilians declines

According to the press-service of anti-terrorist operation, terrorists continue loosing support among local residents of Donbas.

Despite constant attempts of fighters to mobilize men on the occupied territories, the number of people eager to be engaged in terrorist activity and risk their lives to enrich bandit leaders constantly decreases.

Training camps of DNR and LNR terrorist organizations experience shortages of people eager to go to war against efficient Ukrainian army.

According to reconnaissance data, in December in January there were held agitations among members of military-patriotic organizations operating in Crimea. However, they did not give significant result.

In addition, residents of Luhansk oblast continue demonstrating their dissatisfaction with activity of illegal armed groups. On January 9 school teachers of educations institutions of Antratsyt and Alchevsk did not come to work because they had not received salaries since October 2014.

Security Service of Ukraine prevents terrorist attacks in Ukraine

one of members of illegal armed group ‘Skhid [East]’ nicknamed ‘the king’

SSU operatives detained one of members of illegal armed group ‘Skhid [East]’ nicknamed ‘the king’. On the orders of fighters the resident of Zaporizhzhia was preparing terrorist acts and sabotage on city objects of infrastructure.

In additions the Security Service detained member of bandit group ‘Oplot’ and found evidence of his involvement in terrorist activity. This 22-year-old Ukrainian citizen had been living in Moscow until October 2014. Back in Ukraine he voluntarily joined the ‘Oplot’ organization, participated in attacks at sub-units of anti-terrorist operation forces and was a personal bodyguard of one of armed groups leaders.

The detained criminal had photographs and video evidence and also a list of representatives of the so-called DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic]. The criminal was detained when trying to escape from the territory occupied by terrorists.

Source:, press-center of anti-terrorist operation, National Security and Defense Council

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