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Terrorists admit they shelled center of Donetsk

February 16, 2015

SSU intercepted conversation in which DNR fighters admit shelling of Donetsk center

Terrorists admit they shelled center of Donetsk

Security Service of Ukraine informed that they had received information confirming that fighters of Donetsk People’s Republic [DNR] shelled center of Donetsk city recently.

The video with record of conversation between terrorist called ‘Colonel’ and an unknown terrorist was published on their YouTube channel.

When answering the questions of the ‘Colonel’, the unknown terrorist explains from which place mortars shelled the city.

Then it becomes clear he knows who did it. When the ‘Colonel’ asks whether it was possible to catch them, the terrorists explains that at distance of 5000 meters there is a checkpoint of ‘Vostok’ battalion [one of armed formation of terrorist forces] and that they have been firing for about 15 minutes.

Then the ‘Colonel’ asks again: ‘So what? You couldn’t catch them?’ and gets the following response: ‘We could, because our [fightersh] fired’. Then the’Colonel’ confirms himself: ‘Our fighters shell. I know that our [fighters] shell Donetsk with mortar. I know this all’.


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