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Terrorists actively restore damaged equipment and concentrate forces

March 6, 2015

Terrorist fighters continue active concentration of military equipment near the front line

Terrorists actively restore damaged equipment and concentrate forces

Coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group informs that terrorist fighters continue active concentration of forces near the front-line, regroup and increase fighting capability of armed units.

Experts register active combat training of fighters as well as improvement of technical readiness and military equipment.

According to info from ‘IR’ group, in course of two days 5 supply convoys arrived from Russia. 1 convoy arrived on railway, 4 convoys consisted of trucks (8 carriages and 46 vehicles in total).

In addition, fighters intensively restore railway junction in Debaltsevo.

Meanwhile, Russian-terrorist forces continue violating Minsk agreements. Shelling in Donetsk and Seaside (Mariupol) directions are the most intense.

Slight decrease in the number of artillery is registered throughout the demarcation line. Artillery is withdrawn to the rear according to Minsk agreements.

However, heavy armored military equipment, in particular tanks, remains on its positions along the demarcation line and is still used to shell positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Source:, coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group, MP Dmitriy [Dmytro] Tymchuk

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