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Terrorist Zakharchenko: I want USSR to be restored

Terrorist Zakharchenko: I want USSR to be restored

Leader of terrorist organization DNR wants USSR back and claims to have established bank system through South Ossetia.

Materials from interview of DNR leader Alexander Zakharchenko gave interview to Simon Ostrovsky from Vice News.

Journalist mentioned that before interview press service had demanded questions in advance so that they could filter out questions about relations with Russia.

When commenting the fact that economic situation in Ukraine is better than in DNR Zakharchenko said: ‘I’ll tell about my father who lives in Ukraine, on our occupied land [he means occupied by UA Nazis], he doesn’t receive his pension for 3 months’.

Meanwhile leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic declared that fighters had already built their bank system and South Ossetia will help its functioning. (South Ossetia is an unrecognized part of Georgia that was occupied by Russia in 2008).

‘Today we have representative office in Southern Ossetia, through it the banking system will run the world’, – the terrorist leader said.

Meanwhile he emphasized that he fights against Nazis. He doesn’t want any truce.

‘There is plenty of people and many regions [he meant regions of Ukraine] that have right of self-determination. Historical justice must prevail that great country that was the Soviet Union must be returned. This is my personal opinion’, – Zakharchenko said.

When journalist asked him why Russian troops fight on their side and gave example of tank men from Buryatia in Debaltseve the press secretary of Zakharchenko interrupted him and threatened: ‘If you don’t ask questions that are on the list I’ll drive you out of here’.


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