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Terrorist: ‘I am tired to take away corpses of my fellows after the assault at the airport’

October 3, 2014

Terrorist forces suffered huge losses during the assault at Donetsk airport yesterday

Terrorist: ‘I am tired to take away corpses of my fellows after the assault at the airport’

One of fighters who took part in yesterday’s assault at Donetsk airport informed that their forces suffered huge losses and are tired to take away corpses from the battlefield.

‘We are fighting 8-th day in a row. The day before yesterday we were betrayed. The fired at us the way they liked. The incompetent commandment turned us down. Because of that, we suffered huge losses and we are tired to take away corpses of our fellows. One fighter brough his twin-brother dead’, – said the fighter Alexander Negrebetskyh.

Another fighter wrote a report at one of separatists’ internet-forums. He claimed that he had obtained information from wounded fighters and people who had visited that in a hospital. According to the informer, fighters and Russian Special Forces suffered substantial losses in an assault at Donetsk airport on October 2.

After preparation firefight with the usage of heavy artillery, Russian forces took control of one of terminals of the airport. The ones who went to take control of the second terminal never came back. Then Ukrainian armed forces made terrorists retreat from the terminal.

According to the informer, there were hundreds of losses from their side. Ukrainian armed forces demanded to exchange dead bodies for captured militants and trucks.

The video down below was shot by Russian media presenting the ‘rebels’ firing at Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk airport.



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