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Terrorist groups shelled residential districts in Mariupol + video

Residential districts of Mariupol shelled with MLRS ‘Grad’

Terrorist groups shelled residential districts in Mariupol

On Saturday, January 24, terrorist groups shelled residential district of the town of Mariupol.

The criminals delivered fire strikes at two checkpoints of anti-terrorist operation forces and shelled ‘Eastern’ district. The strikes were delivered from distance using multiple rocket launcher systems BM21 ‘Grad’.

As result of shelling many buildings were damaged, among them: kindergarten, school, dwelling houses, market and cars.

The most horrible about that is death of civilians. 30 people including 2 children were killed by shells. More than 90 people got wounded, about 40 of them are in critical condition.

In addition, one servicemen of Ukrainian National Guard was killed by shelling of checkpoint.

The video down below was shot in Mariupol right after the tragedy. It shows killed civilians and numerous damages.

Don’t watch the video if you are sensible to content of such type.

Source:, YouTube

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