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Terrorist Bezler: I will never return to Horlivka

November 4, 2014

The leader of fighters in Horlivka terrorist Bezler has left the settlement never to return

Terrorist Bezler: I will never return to Horlivka

Press secretary of Igor Bezler Olena Romanova informed this.

According to her, Bezler [Call sign Des – Demon] called her on October 28 and asked to shut the public which bears his name in social networks. He said he would never return to Horlivka and Donetsk People’s Republic in general.

Romanova also promised to publish video in which Bezler would explain his decision.Romanova herself also plans to leave Horlivka as soon as possible.

She also underlined that any statements concerning Bezler made by Hyrkin of another [terrorist leader] are nothing more but gossip. Currently public ‘Bezler-Info’ in social networks is closed and it is renamed into ‘Horlivka News’.

We have reported this morning that, according to coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmitriy Tymchuk, terrorist Bezler has left Horlivka and sub-units of Russian Armed Forces have arrived instead. They encounter fierce resistance from the supporters of terrorist Bezler.


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