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Terrorist attempted to break through defense in Maryinka 3 times

Terrorist attempted to break through defense in Maryinka 3 times

During the last day positions of Ukrainian Armed Force were shelled 79 times. Press service of anti-terrorist operation informs this.

The previous day in Donbas was complicated but Ukrainian servicemen managed to control the situation.

Fighters of Russia-terrorist force made 3 attempts to break through defense in Maryinka and in Luhansk oblast. All attacks were repelled.

In course of the previous day the criminals carried out 79 shellings using the entire arsenal they have. In particular, they used weapons banned by Minsk agreements like artillery of 120, 122 and 152 mm calibers as well as multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’.

Situation during the night was tense as well. 35 cases of shelling were registered. Near Donetsk criminals used mortars of 120 mm caliber to shell Ukrainian positions in Himik, Krasnogorivka and Maryinka.

Russia-backed militants attempted breakout in Maryinka this night

Howitzers of 152 m caliber were used near Artemivsk. Mortars of 82 mm caliber were used throughout the contact line.

Number of shellings in Luhansk region was relatively small. However, at night there was an armed clash with two subversive reconnaissance groups of the enemy. Russia-backed forces suffered losses and were forced to retreat.


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