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Tatar channel ATR ceased broadcasting in Crimea

Tatar channel ATR ceased broadcasting in Crimea

The first TV channel of Crimean Tatars ATR ceased broadcasting on April 1 at midnight due to refusal of Russian services to register it.

Previously Director-general of the TV channel Elzar Islamova said that after repeated submission of all necessary documents Russian service refused to give license.

TV marathon ‘Do not kill ATR’ was held from March 25 to March 31. During this marathon TV channel displayed countdown to cessation of broadcasting in the corner of the screen.

Founder of ATR media holding Elzar Islamov informed during the press conference that direction was under pressure to sell the channel. ‘Either you sell it or we’ll take it by force, – Islamov quoted. – ‘We have taken this and we’ll take this – or you think that someone will come to defend you, or what?’.

In addition to ATR, Lale channel and radio station ‘Leader’, which are included in the same holding, have ceased broadcasting as well.

ATR led broadcasting in Russian, Ukrainian and language of Crimean Tatars since 2006. In January the building of the TV channel was blocked by police officers in order to conduct searching.


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