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Talk to Putin only when he returns Crimea

February 16, 2015

Ukraine’s Ambassador in Poland Deshchytsya: one can talk to Putin only when he returns Crimea

Talk to Putin only when he returns Crimea

President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin behaves like a criminal and one can talk to him only when the annexed Crimea returns to Ukraine.

During the VIII forum Europe-Ukraine Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland Andriy Deshchytsya declared this.

In particular, the diplomat urged to remember annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

‘We’ve got to remember that Putin started this’, – he said. Ukraine’s Ambassador mentioned that Mr. Putin behaves like a criminal and we can talk to him only when the annexed Crimean returns back to Ukraine.

According to Mr. Deshchytsya, Putin started behaving like a mad one after revolutionary change of government in Ukraine in February 2014.

‘Putin got mad’ and started acting by military measures. He used Russian military to seize Crimea and later to destabilize situation in Donbas.

The diplomat expressed an opinion that in reality Putin uses Ukrainian Donbas as bridgehead for further destabilization of situation in Ukraine and to make to whole world worried.

‘It seems to me he wants to go on’, – Mr. Deshchytsya said.

Ukrainian Ambassador called on western politicians to conduct more active politics on the issue of Ukrainian-Russian conflict. In particular, he offered to initiate new international meeting to discuss what punishment awaits Putin for non-complying with Minsk agreements.

The diplomat believes that this should be done in advance instead of waiting for another obligation Putin fails to comply with.


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