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Take a Virtual Tour of 8 Carpathian Wooden Tserkvas and Be Amazed!

Wooden architecture of these ancient masterpieces is in perfect harmony with the spectacular nature around. As for the interior part, this is something you will surely want to see with your own eyes.

So, what is inside? Peace and quiet, soft warm light and neat rushnyky (a Ukrainian ritual embroidered cloth) hanging over the icons… These churches are certainly places that feel like home, places where your heart could linger and rest, places which will help you keep your worries at bay.

Wooden Churches of Ukraine are monuments of sacral architecture. In Ukraine and its ethnic lands there are about 3000 wooden religious buildings. The unique feature of the three-compartment wooden Ukrainian churches of XV-XVIII centuries is that they are visually similar to the national emblem of Ukraine, one of the oldest symbols of humanity – a Trident, and Ukrainian traditional ritual candlestick, Trinity. Such churches can be found in many places across most of Ukraine (in some areas of Galicia, Transcarpathia and Bukovina churches were built in a different way). Most surviving wooden churches today are located in the western part of Ukraine, but on the left bank tourists also have something to look at. Wooden churches in Ukraine are important spiritual centers and unique architectural monuments.

This UNESCO World Heritage project, created by Studio360 and supported by Google, will take you on a tour of 8 wooden churches of the Carpathian region. These incredible structures were built by horizontal log construction. They are all located in isolated parts of the Carpathian mountains, so, a virtual tour offers you a unique possibility to see them all in one day. The navigation is very simple and convenient. It will allow you to see both the exterior and the interior of each of the eight churches in much detail, including the incredibly beautiful icons and rushnyky. Traditional musical variations playing in the background create authentic atmosphere and make the tour all the more enjoyable. The voice commentary is available in three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. It will help you find out a lot of intriguing facts about the history of the churches, their architecture and functioning.

We wish you a wonderful journey in time and space!

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