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This was an ordinary reportage from the firing range when these guys started having fun

azov servicemen dancing

A woman journalist was filming her reportage from firing range of ‘Azov’ regiment. She said that on the 9th day the guys had fully adapted themselves and their skills kept improving. However, it is not what she says that is interesting. The two servicemen on the background actually start dancing while the woman is speaking. […]

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Chechen Punisher Arseniy Yatseniuk – social networks boomed in response to another Russian fake

Chechen Punisher Arseiy Yatseniuk – social networks boomed in response to another Russian fake

Internet users actively publish cartoons about prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk as fighters in Chechen war. This boom is the response to claim of head of Investigation Committee of Russian Federation Alexander Bystrykin that Yatsenkiuk participated in Chechen war and fought against Russian forces. Take a look at some vivid examples of Ukrainian and […]

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Improve your English skills with Vladimir Putin

  Want to improve your English skills? Putinoccio will help you! Practice your English with Vladimir Putin. Best examples to finally master English grammar. Lesson #1 – Tenses. Vladimir Putin and Ukraine. Annexation of Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, sanctions and Putin’s long nose. Source: social networks

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