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Successful defense operation of Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo

February 3, 2015

Battles of extreme ferocity – the great success of Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo bridgehead

Successful defense operation of Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo

Here is summary about battles for Debaltsevo bridgehead written by journalist, editor of news agency Yuriy Butusov.

Ukrainian troops have successfully repelled attacks of Russian brigades after 8 days of fighting.

The operative data as of February 2, 2015 is the following.

Battle for Debaltsevo is the most fierce and large-scale battle of Russian-Ukrainian war so far.

These are full maneuverable fights of modern mechanized troops, interaction of intelligence, infantry, artillery, armored equipment, means of artillery and radioelectronic intelligence.

Successful defense operation of Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo

For the first time in its history Ukrainian army has held successful defense operation on a broad front and fully completed its combat mission.

Army of Russian mercenaries has made an attempt to destroy the whole Ukrainian defense in Donbas and dramatically change the course of the war. Today we can say with confidence that the attack of the enemy has been repelled.

The enemy failed to break the defense of Ukrainian troops and suffered significant losses when trying to assault fortified positions, well-covered by artillery.

After 8 days of active battles hostilities at Debaltsevo are suspended.

Encirclement and ‘pot’ which was for so long discussed by Russian propaganda turned out to be fake. ‘The road of life’ M-103 and the town of Debaltsevo remain under control of Ukrainian troops.

Successful defense operation of Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo

Importance of Debaltsevo bridgehead

According to mr.Butusov, the area of Debaltsevo is important due to several reasons.

This is the key bridgehead to carry out operation against Horlivka [the settlement is controlled by Russian-terrorist forces]. In its turn, Horlivka is the key to Donetsk which is controlled by terrorists as well.


Difficulties of defense

First of all, the bridgehead has got only one line of supply – route M-103. Secondly, it is impossible to ensure the necessary density of troops n the whole perimeter of the bridgehead. Combat stability of troops can be provided only by presence of large operative reserves of armored and mechanized forces. In addition, the whole bridgehead shots through its entire depths by enemy’s artillery.


Battles of extreme ferocity

Since the very beginning battles were extremely ferocity. The attacks of Russian-terrorist forces were preceded by powerful artillery preparation. The enemy did not spare shells for attack. Due to large number of mercenaries and professional servicemen among Russian-terrorist troops, their battle capability was very high. Tank and artillery units had 80-90% of Russians in their personnel.

The combat stability of Ukrainian defense was provided by artillery support. Ukrainian ‘Gods of war’ were working day and night. For the first time in this war the artillery used so many shells for reliable target destruction. This was a great surprise for the enemy.

Successful defense operation of Ukrainian Army at Debaltsevo

However, Mr.Butusov underlines that the enemy has not been destroyed. Russian-terrorist troops are restoring after the defeat and regrouping. The dangerous situation at Debaltsevo arc has not disappeared. Ukrainian armed forces have repelled the attack but the war continues. The enemy continues looking for weak spots in our defense.

‘After difficult ordeal Ukraine has become much stronger. It is impossible to estimate in words how the professional level of army and National Guard has grown in this battle. It’s hard to describe the admiration of resistance and heroism of our soldiers. These are real heroes’, – the journalist summed up.

Source: Facebook, editor of magazine, journalist Yuriy Butusov

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