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Strelok has escaped the city of Donetsk and is currently drinking soundly

August 11, 2014

Demoralization and panic increases among terrorists

Strelok has escaped the city of Donetsk and is currently drinking soundly

One of terrorists leaders Igor Strelkov (Hyrkin)

The latter information is provided by reconnaissance data, radio intercept from sub-units of Ministry of Internal affairs, the Armed Forces and Security Service and evidence from captive terrorists.

The news was reported by Adviser to Minister of Internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak who is currently in the ATO zone.

‘There are massive abandonments of posts in Russian terrorists gangs of ‘Strelok’ [shooter], ‘Chechen’, ‘Botsman’ [boatswain] and ‘mozgoviy]. The fighters realize inevitability of retribution and that they are doomed. In Ukraine they’ll be destroyed by the ATO forces , and they can’t fly to Russia because they’ll be shot by border units – this is a direct order from Putin. Besides it has been confirmed that there’s an order form the Kremlin to destroy the gang leaders. There’s an operative data that soon a ‘liquidation team’ of of Federal security system will come to Donbas to perform the sentence’, – the Minister Adviser informed.

According to Shkiryak it made ordinary fighters to think and ‘save their skin’.

‘Boroday and bloody Hyrkin have already escaped from Donetsk. The last one is currently shrieking like a pig and demands help from Putin threatening to leave the town of Antratsyt and escape. But still he understands that he’s doomed. That’s why he’s drinking soundly that is confirmed not only by witnesses and deserters’.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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