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Stories of war – Ukrainian heroes

Stories of war – Ukrainian heroes

Here are the videos made by babilon’13 organization.

Video 1 – made in Dnipropetrovsk hospital which takes care of injured Ukrainian soldiers. They ask civilians to join the cause in way they can. We can help victory in different ways.

Video 2 – story of Ukrainian servicemen with call sign ‘Myrniy [Peaceful]’.

The young militant stood against Russian tank with pistol and flag in hand.

This video is an attempt to attract attention to heroes of Ilovaisk tragedy.

In late August Ukrainian Armed Forces were encircled in the town of Ilovaisk in Donbas.

Russian forces promised them the green corridor to exit the encirclement. However, the large part of Ukrainian servicemen was mercifully killed during the passing of the column. According to different source, the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed near Ilovaisk varies from several hundreds to thousand.

You can find more videos with sub-titles on Babylon’13 YouTube channel.

Source: youtube, Babylon’13

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