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STOP PUTIN: Designers of Ukraine Against Russian Aggression



Kyiv, 13 March 2014 – “In the economically, politically and emotionally difficult conditions in Ukraine, designers are trying their best to attract the attention of the global community to Ukraine. No matter how hard the conditions are, the country has to work, and so we are still going to hold the Ukrainian Fashion Week. With our work, we are showing the world that Ukraine is not only home of the brave but also of the talented who can work in Ukraine as well as in Europe and globally”, said Iryna Danylevska, Founder and Chairman of the Ukrainian Fashion Week Organization Committee in Ukraine, during a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

Volodymyr Nechyporuk, founder of the UFW, added: “The collection that will be shown, was created at the time when revolution was unfolding in the country. Not everyone will show their works though. Designers did not have time to make their collections because they were making bullet-proof vests. The collection did not come easy to many. This is why we not only want to show the collection, but we also want to use it for delivering a message to the whole world: ‘stop the destructive machine that is heading towards Ukraine’”.

“We have all been in the war. We only returned to creative work during the periods of ceasefire. We thought that things couldn’t get any worse than they had been at Maidan. We thought we would finally begin rebuilding a new country. But now we say ‘STOP Putin’. Stop this person, because he brings destruction and evil”, stressed Olga Navrotska, designer, stylist, photographer, author of Stop Putin and Stop Regime sweatshots.

“We are not just inspired by the events; we have been actively participating in them. We have been doing everything at Maidan. We have been thinking for a long time if we should show the collection. It was necessary for us to also find moral strength in these difficult conditions. Many of the collections reflect not only the events that took place but also our personal emotions”, said designer Iryna Pavlyk, director of the LAKE brand (kamenskakononova), who was also actively involved in Maidan.

Ivan Frolov, Ukrainian designer and active Maidan participant, said: “We began preparing the collection for the UFW at the time when first victims were shot at Maidan. None of us could work. At this time we, the designers, were contacted with a request to make bullet-proof vests. We were assisted by the Afghanistan war veterans who helped us properly position the bullet-proof plates. A lot of tailors were making bullet-proof vests: Artem Pavlov, Yasya Khomenko, Anastasiya Volokita, Tetyana Gorishyna and others. It was very hard to muster up the courage and not to give in, but we also realize that we all need to show that we will not give up!”

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