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Stay Home and Watch “A Decent Lady from Lviv”

A comedy full of “frantic passions and crazy actions” based on Liuba Klymenko’s novel “A Decent Lady From Lviv” appeared in free access. The film can be viewed on the Derzhkino YouTube channel.

A Decent Lady from Lviv

“A Decent Lady from Lviv” is an erotic comedy based on the book of the same name by Liuba Klymenko. The director is Natalia Pasenitska, the author of the screenplay is Maryna Mednikova. The film was produced by Yurii Minzianov.

“The main heroine of the film is a modern intellectual Penelope who lives in Lviv and works in the archive. Penelope’s life is shaped according to the usual “family – work” scheme. Everything is decent, cultured, polite and … unbearably boring. However, one day things change. A young doctor of science, Dmytro Ostromyrskyi, arrives at the archive. The meeting of these two characters leads to frantic passions and crazy actions,” the synopsis reads.

According to the producer, the main message of the film is not to live somebody else’s life, not to be afraid of change, not to be afraid to meet sincere and gentle love that changes everything, because people have to bring pleasure and happiness to each other.

The project of the film was one of the winners of the 10th Derzhkino Competitive Selection and received state funding of 995 thousand UAH, which is the total cost of the film production.

Erotic prose by Liuba Klymenko appeared in bookstores in Ukraine relatively recently. First, with suspicion, and then with ever-increasing interest, the Ukrainian reader bought her books, including such titles as “A Decent Lady from Lviv,” “Paloma Negra” “An Antipedagogical Poem”. Now quotes from the spicy prose of Klymenko, generously seasoned with healthy Ukrainian humor and colorful “surzhyk”, can be heard on the beaches and bus stops. Liuba Klymenko has become the most mysterious writer in Ukraine as her real name is securely hidden under a pseudonym.

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