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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the Events in Odessa


Kyiv, 3 May 2014. Yesterday, 2 May 2014, tragic events took place in Odessa, leaving dozens killed and hundreds injured.

According to the law enforcement authorities, a group of provocateurs who declared separatist and pro-Russian slogans attacked a rally of supporters of Ukraine’s unity.

The scale of the tragedy is striking. We consider these events to be the continuation of an effort to undermine our state which poses threat to the life and security of our citizens.

We strongly condemn the actions aimed at the breakup of Ukraine and destabilization of the situation in the south of the country.

Events in Odessa show that separatists’ subversive activities in Ukraine are doomed to failure because not only do the Ukrainian citizens not support the so-called ‘separatists’ but they also strongly oppose any attempts to break the unity of our country and resist the terrorists and militants.

We would like to offer our sincere and deep condolences over the tragedy.

The law enforcement authorities are conducting an all-round, objective investigation of these tragic events, and those responsible must be punished.

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