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STALO – national contest of business solutions for sustainable development of small and average business in Ukraine

STALO – national contest of business solutions for sustainable development of small and average business in Ukraine

Project ‘STALO’ starts in Ukraine to search for conception of sustainable growth of business in Ukraine.

It is a national contest of business decisions among small and average businesses.

The project is implemented by ‘Economika Communication Hub’ in partnership with public associations ‘Communications for changes’ and with support of UNDP in Ukraine and Global Environmental Fund.

Head of the project ‘STALO’ Olena Gladskyh announced this during press briefing at Ukraine Crisis media Center in Kyiv.

stalo business contest

‘STALO’ searches for inspiring solutions

The project focuses on companies working in Ukraine with the staff of 250 employees and an annual turnover of 150 million UAH and that show prudent attitude to use of natural resources.

‘We search for bright business stories that inspire, business solutions with positive social effect and environmental friendliness’, – Olena Gladskyh said. – ‘We especially want to find such enterprises in small towns and villages. Typically these structures do not make sufficient PR due to limited budget, meanwhile their business demonstrates positive attitude to environment and improves the quality of life of citizens at local level. We want to tell Ukraine about this’.


International support for the project

‘Stalo’ project is being implemented with support of UN development program.

Program analyst of UNDP ‘Integrating Rio Conventions provision in national policy of Ukraine’ Olena Ovchynnikova reminded that world stands on verge of completion of Millennium Development Goals announced in 2000 and opening new page – Goals of Sustainable Development, that should be approved at UN General Assembly in September 2015.

‘Goals of Sustainable Development is new agenda of development after 2015 – they are much more ambitious and complex, it is intended to balance progress in three main areas: economic, social and ecological’.

CEO of Economika Communication Hub Iryna Rubis underlined that the aim of the project is to popularize theme of sustainability, formation of inevitable following of this strategy in business community.

‘In the minds of those creating business gene of sustainability should be already lain on generic level’, – Iryna Rubis underlined.

Eugene Hlobystov, Doctor of Economics Institute of Economics and Sustainable Development of NAS and Iryna Novak, Doctor of Economics of Institute of Demography and Social Research NAS Ukraine also participated in presentation of the project.

More information about the project is available on their web site

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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