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Stalinist regime back in Crimea

Stalinist regime back in Crimea

Leader of Crimean Tatar people, Chairman of Mejilis  Refat Chubarov says that the occupied Crimea has returned to regime similar to Stalinism.

Crimean Tatars survived genocide during communist times.

Crimean Tatars leader compared communism to Nazism and condemned occupation of Crimea.

According to him, current Russia is really close to Stalinist regime. In Crimea every family goes to bed in the evening without being sure that at night someone knocks at their door and takes family member in unknown direction.

Occupation authorities in Crimea regulate all spheres of human activity. And there are some issues where people cannon avoid these authorities.

For example, people are forces to receive Russian passports.

‘Today all have made sure that real aim of occupation authorities is to oust people who do not welcome this occupation. Crimean Tatars are the very people who not only do not welcome occupation, but also believe that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine’, – Chubarov said.


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