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Spotter: Russian troops shelled Mariupol

January 26, 2015

The detained terrorist spotter: Mariupol was shelled by Russian troops

Spotter: Russian troops shelled Mariupol

Ukrainian citizen Valeriy Kirsanov during his interrogation


Recently Ukrainian security service detained the spotter who corrected artillery shelling of Mariupil.

Ukrainian citizen Valeriy Kirsanov who had been working for Mariupol traffic police until the end of 2014 told about shelling during his interrogation.

The video of interrogation was published by head of Ukrainian Security Service Valentyn Nalyvaichrnko.

According to SSU head, Russian citizen with call sign ‘Pepel / Ash’ and citizen of Ukraine Valeriy Kyrsanov were spotters of artillery shelling of Mariupol.

During the interrogation Kirsanov said that he used Google maps to determine coordinates of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and sent them to ‘Pepel’ by SMS.

When asked who had shelled Mariupol Kirsanov replied: ‘Pepel’s unit’. ‘Pepel is an officer of Russian Army who directs artillery battalion.


SSU head Nalyvaichenko informed that the first order to shell Mariupol had been given on January 24 at 07.30 am. It total there were five roders.

According to Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, having carried out the shelling Russian servicemen moved 4 MRLS ‘Grad’ and self-propelled Mortar ‘Tulpan’ from the settlement of Markino due to information about approaching of OSCE mission to that place.

In addition, Mr.Nalyvaichenko informed that using radio interception SSU had determined that terrorists had been using satellite communication system ‘Bilozer’. Only Russian army disposes of this system.

In addition, SSU showed journalists photos of remnants of ‘Grad’ shells with Russian markings on them.


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