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Special Assault Company ‘Shadow’ is created in ‘Kyiv-1’ battalion

Special Assault Company is being created in battalion of territorial defense ‘Kyiv-1’

Special Assault Company ‘Shadow’ is created in ‘Kyiv-1’ battalion

Coordinator of the battalion ‘Kyiv-1’ Eugene Deydey informed journalists about this during opening of training base.

According to Deydey, 30 best fighters of the battalion will be chosen to form the special company ‘Shadow’ [Tin’]. This will be an assault company to be used in emergency situations and cases.

Assault Company ‘Shadow’

The company will consist of servicemen that have already participated in anti-terrorist operation. ‘There are will be few recruits, only those who will show themselves best’.

Assault Company ‘Shadow’

Commander of battalion ‘Kyiv-1’ Vitaliy Satarenko mentioned that the first training course lasts 10 days, the next stage will start in about a month. ‘After soldiers of the battalion study the planned training course we will examine certain tasks in details’.

Assault Company ‘Shadow’

Unfortunately, the video below hasn’t got subtitles. However, it demonstrates some elements of training of fighters of volunteer territorial defense battalion and establishment of their camp.


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