Life in Ukraine. Live, @ first hand.

SOS! Ukraine needs your help!

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are writing to inform you about the real situation in Ukraine and ask for your support.

The script developed by Putin and his yes-men started with an aggressive informational war aimed at twisting the truth about Maidan and the ongoing state of affairs in Ukraine. This strategy resulted in confusing people all over the world and allowed Putin a pretext for a military assault which puts the world on the verge of World War Three.

The first thing we would like to declare is that Maidan (our peaceful anti-criminal revolution) was our desperate attempt to get rid of the corrupted regime headed by Viktor Yanukovych and his “family.” Millions of Ukrainians came to Viche at Maidan demonstrating their readiness to share the European values. Yanukovych and his regime refused to make democratic changes resulting in the bloody massacre of Maidan activists. About one thousand people were badly injured and almost a hundred heroes have died so far. The wave of political repressions was felt in each and every region of Ukraine. On 22 February 2014 the peoples’ revolution won, and President Yanukovych fled the country.The Ukrainian parliament formed a new coalition government which is to rid Ukraine of the corruption Yanukovych brought and bring true democracy to the people of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the government of the Russian Federation has been constantly interfering with the Ukrainian inner affairs and
destabilizing the situation in our country. Now the conflict has taken on a threatening form: first the Russian troops have insolently occupied the Crimea. The Crimean military and civic airports have been seized and the units of the Ukrainian army have been blocked. The Supreme Council and
administrative bodies of the Crimea were captured by the Russian soldiers. Threatened by weapons MPs were forced to elect a new
illegitimate pro-Russian government. All Ukrainian and foreign mass media were banned from entering the Crimea. Telephone connection was limited which caused the informational blockade of the territory. The Kremlin is justifying its aggression by the necessity of defending the Russians or Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Crimea. Since no one has ever oppressed them in the past and is not repressing them now, the claims of the Russian officials of the Russian Federation are absolutely false.

The Government of Ukraine does its best to prevent bloodshed and provocations of the Russian FSB (security service) formerly KGB. The aggressive actions of the Russian government are explained by the ambitions of Putin’s regime to take control of the Crimea first and then of the whole Ukraine. Obviously, part of Ukraine will not satisfy the appetite of the Russian dictator. The separatist campaigns have been artificially initiated in the cities of the Eastern and Southern Ukraine – Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, etc. by the Russian Federation. The escalation of the armed confrontation may lead to the war on the territory of Ukraine where there are fourteen nuclear reactors (You may remember that on 26 April 1986 one nuclear reactor in Chernobyl exploded, and the whole world has still not overcome the repercussions of this catastrophe).
And thus we appeal to every thinking individual in the world: please spread the true information about the state of affairs in Ukraine and beg your government to support our country and protect its sovereignty from the Russian invader.
We would also like to assure you that people all over Ukraine (from Uzhhorod to Luhansk, from Chernihiv to Yalta) refuse to join the Russian Federation. The Eastern and Southern regions of our country are peaceful areas and even the fact that people speak two languages (Russian and Ukrainian) here has never been the ground for conflicts. Ukraine and its citizens choose democratic principles but need your help. We have just freed from the tyrant and dictator Yanukovych and do not want Putler/Putin to take his place.

We do hope on your support Ukranian Shakespeare center

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