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Some fighters of the Right Sector went to contract service

Some fighters of the Right Sector went to contract service

Fighters of volunteer corpus the Right Sector shift to contract military service in 79th brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Advisor to the President Yuriy Biryukov informed this in his Facebook. He didn’t specify number of fighters or their names.

Soldiers of Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus – The Right Sector go to contract service in 79 brigade. ‘We are glad to welcome you, brothers’, – Biryukov wrote.

It should be taken into account that Mr. Biryukov didn’t speak for the whole volunteer corpus.

In social networks people said that only some Right Sector members made such decision while the official status of Volunteer Corpus remains unchanged.

Previously the Right Sector announced its readiness to become part of Ukrainian defense ministry but only as separate part subordinate to its own commandment.

‘So that we would be part of Defense Ministry but subordinated to our Corpus Commander’, – spokesperson of the organization Artem Skoropadskiy said.

Currently the Right Sector is an independent structure which doesn’t obey to Defense Ministry, National Guard or Security Service of Ukraine.


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