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Soldiers wounded during military operations will be able to obtain other military specialities

The Ukrainian authorities have begun to think about the fate of country heroes.

Soldiers wounded during military operations will be able to obtain other military specialties

Summary of the most important events for August 5, 2014 by Head of Centre of Military and Political studies and coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

1. The [Ukrainian] authorities have begun to think about the fate of our heroes.

In particular, the President has proposed considering the question of sending military enlistment employees into the ATO zone, and placing those officers who were wounded during the [military] operation, into the military recruitment offices. In turn, the defense minister instructed the military schools to start recruiting participants from among the wounded, who for health reasons cannot continue their military service. They will be able to obtain other [military] specialties.

… Let us hope that our current heroes who have fulfilled their duty to Ukraine, will not suffer the fate of many “Afghans [Afghanistan veterans],” when these guys returned from the war, another “silent war” awaited them – with the indifference of the state and society. In a country where the Revolution of Dignity has triumphed, this would be very wrong.

2. The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that officials are investigating the enchanting slowness of the Defense Ministry officials regarding the procurement of equipment for the military – for both the budgetary costs, and the donation funds received from citizens.

Frankly, in recent months we have heard a million explanations why a budget of billions, allocated for the ATO, is sitting motionless in the accounts and not moving, as well as an essential part of the charitable duties. And at this time we only see a shortage in the [military] units – in one, then another, or a third.

To be honest–I don’t really believe that someone will eventually bear a heavy responsibility [for this]. But at least the threat of it can make the army officials move at last. An official is a proud bird; until you kick it – it will not fly.

Although, I think if [we] put together a couple of battalions of military bureaucrats and send them over to keep the defense under Dyakove [village border post in Luhansk region that saw much fighting] without helmets and armored vests – within a day we would get the most nimble and swift officials in the world.

3. Today, a new video was posted on the Internet, which was shot by a Ukrainian driver on the territory of Russia, near the border with Ukraine. [In it], accompanied by Russian military traffic police, Russian “Grads” and artillery are being moved to the border. 

The driver shouts at the Russian military “Pedera … ts!” I have nothing to add. It’s a short but exceptionally plentiful definition.

That he’s calling them “Pedera …ts” – that’s understandable. But I think if an unarmed Ukrainian in enemy territory is not afraid to shout this [word] in the face of the aggressor – then what [is there] to expect from that same Ukrainian protecting his land with a gun in his hands? Such people cannot be beat. If I’m wrong – try to convince me it’s otherwise.

Source: Information Resistance group, Dmytro Tymchuk

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