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Soldiers of Russian armed forces are to be buried in Ukraine to avoid publicity in Russia. – NSDC

September 2, 2014

Local authorities in Luhansk oblast are instructed to provide land to bury Russian soldiers

Soldiers of Russian armed forces are to be buried in Ukraine to avoid publicity in Russia. - NSDC

This was reported by spokesman for Information and Analytical centre of National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko during press briefing in Kyiv.

Armed Forces of Russian Federation continue to concentrate manpower and military equipment in occupied towns. Sub-units of Russian armed forces have been registered in 6 settlement in Donetsk oblast and and 4 settlement in Luhansk oblast (including Donetsk and Luhansk themselves).

During the last day the ATO forces had 22 armed clashes with terrorists in areas of umber of settlements in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.

Yesterday there were 3 clashes of officers of Ukrainian border service with Russian invaders. In all cases officers started fighting and made enemy retreat. In general 1 border guard was killed, 3 were wounded.

In Luhansk oblast 2 settlement were shelled with ‘Grad’ and ‘Smerch’ volley fire systems (the last being more destructive and powerful).

In order to provide supply for terrorists and Russian armed forces at Ukrainian territory Russian side uses trucks of the so-called humanitarian convoy. Thus yesterday 4 white-coloured trucks crossed Ukrainian-Russian border in Donetsk oblast and went back in an hour. It is not the first case when white-coloured trucks are used to cross Ukrainian border.

In Luhansk oblast in Krasniy Luch town the local authorities were instructed by representatives of Russian armed forces to allocate land for the burial of Russian soldiers. The issue is precisely about soldiers of Russian Federation. Thus they decide to bury them in Ukraine to avoid unnecessary publicity at their Motherland.

During the last day the ATO forces destroyed one ‘Grad’ volley fire system, 2 charging cars and 50 enemies.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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