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Soldiers of ATO conduct lessons of courage in Ukrainian schools

September 23, 2014

Frequent squabbling among terrorists

Soldiers of ATO conduct ‘lessons of courage’ in Ukrainian achools

1. They said in National Security and Defense Council that terrorist organizations DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics] had finally began to fulfil the demands of the peace plan. The evidence: during the last day Ukrainian border guards didn’t register any enemy’s drone.

Let us hope it is true, although there previously has been information about terrorists’ preparation for ‘peaceful regulation’. More than 40 facts of shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces during the last day definitely don’t sound like peace. On September 22 the most difficult situation remained in the town of Donetsk, Shchastya and Mariupol.

2. Squabbling among terrorist groups is gaining momentum. In the town of Antratsyt former local policeman, who previously had cooperated with criminals, was appointed a commander. The representatives of pro-Russian Cossack groups didn’t like it. As the result there were registered several firefights between militants.

Similar but quite opposite story happened in the town of Krasniy Luch. Cossacks appointed their ataman the general director of ‘Donbassatnratsyt’ factory and local criminals didn’t like it.

The fights for feeders and leadership become terrorists fashion. The diagnosis is clear: spiders in the jar devour each other.

3. The soldiers of anti-terrorist operation conduct lessons of courage in Ukrainian schools. The children of our country have the possibility to know not only book heroes, but to see heroes fighting for Motherland in real life. It is bitter than Ukraine needs such heroism in the 21 century. But it is wonderful that our country has such sons, there are many of them united by undying love to their Motherland.

It is interesting whether injured Russian paratroopers conduct ‘lessons of courage’ in Russian schools when they return from Donbas? They have what to tell: how difficult it is to be an occupant in a country where the Revolution of Dignity has won, how difficult it is to battle with those who are fighting for their land. Let them tell Russian children about their nightmares.

This is the moment when an anecdote about teacher’s note to parents in student’s diary comes to mind: ‘your son made foul [of fear] during the lesson of courage ’.

Source: Coordinator of Information Resistance group and head of Centre of Military and Political Studies Dmytro tymchuk

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