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The situation at Ukrainian border remains tense

August 27, 2014

Russian reconnaissance helicopters violate Ukrainian border

The situation at Ukrainian border remains tense

This was reported by spokesman for the Information and Analytics Center of Nationals Security and Defense Council Colonel Andriy Lysenko during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

There continue shelling of Ukrainian territory from the side of Russian Federation. In addition to Novoazovsk yesterday there was shelling of checkpoints of sub-units of state border service and area of 2 more settlements.

The situation at the state border remains tense. Yesterday at 10.20 am there was a fight between border unit and terrorist group in Donetsk oblast. After the reinforcement came fighters were forced to retreat. Combing of the area to identify suspects was carried out.

Russian continues to increase its military presence at Ukrainian border. During the last day Russian military equipment concentrated in order areas especially in Rostov oblast [it borders with Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts]. Simultaneously the number of militants in another oblasts is decreasing.

Russian militants establish positions in the area of the town of Dzankoy and in north of temporarily occupied Crimea. Information about possible military activity is being spread among locals.

Yesterday a violation of Ukrainian border by aviation of Russian armed forces was registered in Kherson oblast. 3 Russian helicopters violated Ukrainian border flying form Crimea. They flew about 500 meters into Ukrainian territory and then flew back having carried out reconnaissance.

Source: NSDC

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