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Situation in Eastern Ukraine on April 29

Situation in Eastern Ukraine on April 29

Situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine was difficult on April 29. Russia-backed forces kept violating Minsk agreement and shelled positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Illegal armed groups used mortars of 120 mm caliber. This weapon is prohibited by Minsk agreements.

Terrorists also fired using small arms, grenade launchers, sniper rifles etc. For more information about places of shelling see the map above.

They shelled settlement of Artemove. Shells damaged 11 houses. During shelling of village of Peski near Donetsk one woman got serious shrapnel wounds.

 civilian blew up on land mine in Luhansk oblast

In addition, one civilian blew up on land mine in Luhansk oblast. 38 years old resident of Luhansk city stumbled upon a landmine in forest near checkpoint of Ukrainian servicemen.

Men got serious shrapnel wounds of legs and chest.

Law enforcement officers clarify details of the accident. They suppose that the men was trying to pass to Ukraine from the occupied territory and wanted to avoid going through the checkpoint.

Source:, press center of anti-terrorist operation and Ministry of Internal Affairs


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