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Situation in Eastern Ukraine on April 27: heavy artillery, ‘Grads’ and drones above Mariupol

Situation in Eastern Ukraine on April 27

Here is information about hostilities in Eastern Ukraine provided by press center of anti-terrorist operation.

From midnight of April 27 to midnight April 28 Russia-backed forces violated ceasefire regime about 50 times.

Terrorists used ‘withdrawn’ weapons again


Situation in Eastern Ukraine on April 27

From midnight to 06.00 pm fighters kept violating Minsk agreements by using mortars of 120 mm caliber and artillery of 122 mm caliber.

They also fired with 122 mm guns, 82 mm mortars, tank, anti-aircraft system, small arms, sniper rifles, anti-tank guided missiles and automatic grenade launchers.

During the specified period of time positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Eastern Ukraine were shelled 27 times. Positions of Ukrainian forces near settlements of Shyrokine, Avdiivka, Opytne, Pisky, Sokilnyky, Chermalyk, Neveselske, Lozove were shelled with various types of weapons.

In addition, the press center informed about flights of 8 enemy’s drones in the skies about Mariupol and nearby territories.

Situation worsened after shelling with ‘Grads’


Situation in Eastern Ukraine on April 27 - fighters used grads

BM-21 Grad

On April 27 from 06. 00 pm to midnight positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Eastern Ukraine were shelled 22 times. Russia-backed forces used heavy artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems. The pres service of ATO underlines that this time terrorist shelled residential areas as well.

Positions of ATO forces near Avdiivka were shelled with BM-21 ‘Grad’. In addition, terrorist used this weapon to fire at village of Novolaspa in Volnovakha region, Donetsk oblast.

Fighters also used 120 mm mortars, heavy artillery, 82 mm caliber mortars, automatic grenade launchers and small arms to shell Ukrainian positions near Pisky, Opytne, Avdiivka, Chermalyk and Shchastya.

Flights of 7 drones in skies above Mariupol were registered by Ukrainian servicemen.

Source:, press center of anti-terrorist operation


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