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Situation in Eastern Ukraine is getting worse

Situation in Eastern Ukraine is getting worse

According to spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Andriy Lysenko situation in Eastern Ukraine is deteriorating.

Russia-backed fighters shell positions of Ukrainian forces with artillery and mortars.

‘Situation in the east tends to escalate’, – Lysenko said during press briefing in Kyiv. ‘Armed provocations of the enemy regularly happen along the whole demarcation line, except for eastern part of Luhansk oblast’.

According to him, yesterday 5 cases of mortar shelling, 3 cases of usage of cannon artillery and one case of usage of tank were registered.

All mentioned types of weapon should be withdrawn from demarcation line according to Minsk agreements.

Lysenko informed that most unstable situation had been registered near Donetsk and Donetsk airport in particular.

In Luhansk direction the enemy tried to break through Ukrainian defense near Bakhmutivka route.

In Mariupol direction fighters tried to seize village of Shyrokine. Ukrainian servicemen hold the perimeter and repel attacks.


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