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Situation in Donetsk airport as of 04.00 pm

January 13, 2015

Heavy shelling of Donetsk airport – the situation worsens considerably over the last day

the control tower in Donetsk airport collapsed
the tower of Donetsk airport

Here is an operative data about situation in Donetsk airport as of 04.00 pm.

Today, on January 13, the situation in the airport has become much worse due to massive shelling of terrorists.

According to the data from sources of news agency, the shelling of the airport was carried out with howitzers. It resulted in collapse of the control tower of the airport.

To tower collapsed until the third floor. The first floor is on fire.

The tactical situation has worsened considerably. Sub-units of terrorists announced their refusal to continue ceasefire.

Russian mercenaries completely blocked way to the airport through the nearby village of Peski.

The intensity of hostilities in the airport has returned to the level it had before the announcement of the ceasefire. There are artillery attacks and sniper firing.

However, today Ukrainian servicemen have managed to reach the airport with battle. They delivered supplies and group of militants for rotation. The group used the second road which is still not blocked. Currently the military sub-units defending Donetsk airport have enough of supply and ammunition.

According to, the possibility of attack at the new terminal of Donetsk airport is very small. The threat of complete encirclement is much more real. One of two roads to the airport is already blocked. If terrorists take the second one, which passes though the village of Opytne – the airport will be encircled.

The enemy has stopped attacking the airport not because he wants to help saving lives of its defenders. The terrorists cannot break resistance of ‘cyborgs’ and suffer more significant losses.

There are two variants to avoid people dying in the area of the airport:

  • admit defeat and retreat. Then we will not loose people in the airport, but theiy will continue dying in other places
  • reinforce positions and not allow the enemy to impose the initiatives on us.

The war will continue until we learn to beat the enemy, until we have real army instead of mobilized participants of Maidan revolution. There is no way to appease Putin with ‘ceasefires’.

The video down below shows 30 seconds of heavy shelling of Donetsk airport.


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