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Situation in Debaltsevo

February 11, 2015

Journalist Yuriy Butusov on situation in Debaltsevo in Eastern Ukraine

Situation in Debaltsevo

Here is information about situation in Debaltsevo as of February 10, 11.00 pm.

In course of the whole previous day there continued battles in the area of settlement of Logvinovo and route M-103. Unfortunately, Ukrainian forces did not manage to destroy the enemy there.

Russian military units frantically strengthen their positions near Logvnovo and deploy defenses.

Debaltsevo bridgehead is still in situation of operative encirclement and this brings difficulties with supplying the military units there. In case of Ukrainian forces continue sending there reserves, the enemy will soon try to block the only route completely.

The route M-103 is blocked for two days already and the enemy brings additional forces to keep Logvinovo under control. There is no big concentration of Russian-terrorist forces there, however, they keep arriving. The task of destroying the enemy in this direction gets more and more complicated.

The situation in the area of Debaltsevo gets more and more complicated, there are hardly any positive changes there.

The enemy is exhausted with fighting and has almost stopped attacks in other regions of conflict zone. Russian-terrorist forces concentrate their weapons and human power in the area of Debaltsevo. Correspondingly, other parts of front become less protected. Correspondingly, considerable concentration of Ukrainian troops is necessary to defeat the enemy in Logvinovo.

Situation in Debaltsevo

Mr. Butusov mentions that Ukrainian military units confidently hold their positions on the whole perimeter and repel all attacks of the enemy. However, the activity of the artillery decreased due to damaged communications.

Journalist underlines that Ukrainian commandment acts too slow which results in chaotic order of attacks and bad coordination.

According to Mr.Butusov, the reason for such slowness is the commandment of defense of Debaltsevo. Chief of General Staff General Muzhenko currently commands this part of front. This commander badly understands the situation and continues making mistakes when the effective decisions are necessary.

According to press service of anti-terrorist operation, yesterday 19 Ukrainian servicemen died in the areas of Debaltsevo bridgehead.


Meanwhile in Mariupol the National Guard regiment ‘Azov’ began a military operation to distract the forces of the enemy and secure the town from further destructive shelling. The journalist underlines that such actions of the regimen is an example for Ukrainian forces in other parts of the front.

Mr.Butusov also mentions shelling of Kramatorsk which has taken lives of civilians. Terrorist shelled base of anti-terrorist operation in the town in order to intimidate people.

In conclusion the journalist assumes that peaceful negotiations will not make Putin unlock Ukrainian troops in Debaltsevo. ‘The crisis on Debaltsevo arc must be solved by force of arms’, – he says.

Source: Facebook, journalist Yuriy Butusov

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