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Situation at Debaltsevo bridgehead as of January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015

On the possibility of encirclement in Debaltsevo

Situation at Debaltsevo bridgehead as of January 28, 2015

After activation of Russian-terrorist forces in the East Debaltsevo bridgehead along with Mariupol and Donetsk airport became one of locations that attract a lot of attention in Ukrainian society.

According to operative data from experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group, fighters and Russian servicemen retreated from Debaltsevo after unsuccessful attack. They continue concentrating forces and means in the area of the bridgehead.

According to IR group, currently 5 battalion tactical groups and 3 joint artillery groups conduct battles near Debaltsevo.

In addition, there are numerous small armed formations of fighters which dispose of some samples of heavy infantry weapons. The total number of Russian-terrorist forces that conducted battles for Debaltsevo bridgehead is about 2500 people. They were armed with 35 tanks, 50 infantry combat vehicles, up to 50 units of cannon artillery and at least 22 multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’.

After unsuccessful attempt of attack the enemy retreated to its previous positions to restore in fighting capability.

Situation at Debaltsevo bridgehead as of January 28, 2015

Volunteer’s opinion on possibility of encirclement

The possibility of encirclement of Ukrainian forces at Debaltsevo is frequently discussed today.

Here is one of opinions.

Volunteer and coordinator of the project ‘Come back alive’ Vitaliy Deynega believes that ATO forces in Debaltsevo are not under the threat of encirclement.

According to him, Russian-terrorist forces would not be able to organize encirclement in the coming days.

‘As to Debaltsevo, current situation is that armed groups of fighters around it is comparable to our [Ukrainian], and in order to conduct offensive activity the balance of powers should be 3 to 1 and even more. So there could be some separate operations from both sides and definitely there will be shellings and artillery war’, – the volunteer said.

Volunteer Deynega underlined that currently Ukrainian servicemen need drones, artillery rangefinders and weather stations. In addition, they need thermal imagers and night vision equipment for effective fight against sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Source:, Information Resistance group, National Security and Defense Council


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