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Silence regime has already been violated 6 times

December 9, 2014

As of 01.00 pm terrorists has violated new silence regime 6 times

Silence regime has already been violated 6 times

Silence regime does ton appear to be silent. According to press service of anti-terrorist operation, as of 01.00 pm terrorists have violated newly established ceasefire 6 times.

‘As of 01.00 the headquarters of ATO has received information about 6 facts of violations of ‘silence’ regime by fighters. Shelling of positions of our troops has been carried out with mortars, automatic grenade launcher AGS, anti-aircraft system ZU-23-2 and small arms’, – the press service informs.

At the same time, the press service informs that Ukrainian militants, aware of importance of a moment, demonstrate courage and endurance and do not fire in response.

Press service of anti-terrorist operation denies statements of made by leaders of self-proclaimed terrorist republics that Ukrainian troops have shelled settlement of Horlivka this morning.

‘These statements are intended to mislead international community and divert attention from crimes of fighters on the occupied territories’.

In its turn, the website of the Defense Ministry informs about ‘shelling at positions of ATO forces along all front line with artillery, mortars and ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems.


Previously we have reported that, according to Prime Minister Yatseniuk, Ukraine plans to introduce broadcasting in foreign languages.



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