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Sikorski: International community must respond to annexation of Crimea


Kyiv, March 17 /Ukrinform/. Annexation of Crimea by Russia cannot remain without a response from the international community.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced this in Brussels on Monday, Ukrinform’s special correspondent reports.

“Instead of de-escalation (of the crisis – Ed.) we have annexation of Crimea, which cannot remain without a response of the international community. The referendum was unconstitutional, illegal, and annexation of Crimea will not be recognized,” Sikorski said.

He stressed that it is important to keep the unity of the Western position on Ukraine. “We know that the U.S. administers sanctions. We hope for similar solutions here today (in Brussels – Ed.),” the head of the Polish diplomacy stressed.

In Brussels, the Foreign Ministers should adopt a package of sanctions against Russia for intervention in Crimea. It is expected that the EU will ban the entry into the Community for more than 20 high-ranking Russian officials, as well as leaders of Crimean separatists. In addition, the freeze of their bank accounts in the West is planned.

Anschluss in the historical meaning is used to determine the illegal occupation of Austria by Nazi Germany in March 1938.

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