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Shyrokine after ‘Russian world’

Shyrokine after ‘Russian world’

Volunteer from Georgia made video in village of Shyrokine on Azov sea coast to demonstrate traces of ‘Russian world’.

In one of houses servicemen found inscriptions on walls which say ‘1408’, ‘666 DNR’ [Donetsk People’s Republic], ‘Glory to DNR’.

In this short video volunteer from Georgia shows buildings and vehicles destroyed by shelling.

He constantly underline that one should be very careful when walking there because there can be mines everywhere.

‘Everything is looted, and here lived ordinary Ukrainian family that was forces to flee its home’, – the man says.

Beach houses and private homes are located near the beach. They are all looted, doors are broken, all cabinets and tables are opened. Old fridges, TV and furniture remained intact. Apparently, pro-Russian fighters didn’t have enough time to take them away.

‘People spent so many nerves. Lots of money to build this, and now it is all destroyed’, – the servicemen underlines.


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