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Shelling in Donetsk – terrorists accidentally blame themselves

February 4, 2015

News website of terrorists accidentally proved their guilt in shelling Donetsk today

 Shelling in Donetsk – terrorists accidentally blame themselves

The ‘State’ inform agency of separatists ‘Donetsk News Agency’ has published photograph which proves that the hospital in residential district of Donetsk city was shelled by terrorists.

The photograph displays the façade of the city hospital #27 which was hit by shell during artillery attack.

The façade of the given building faces the occupied Donetsk city.

Correspondingly, the shells or mines that damaged the hospital and killed civilians had been launched from the city territory which is controlled by terrorists.

The Donetsk News Agency commented the photograph saying that according to ‘Defense Ministry of Donetsk People’s Republic’, the shelling was conducted by Ukrainian troops from the side of town of Maryinka.

However, the town of Mayinka, controlled by Ukrainian forces, is located on the opposite side from the damaged hospital façade. Correspondingly, even if Ukrainian artillery launched shells, they couldn’t hit the façade of the building.

Shelling in Donetsk – terrorists accidentally blame themselves

Previously we informed that the shelling of residential district of Donetsk had also damaged dentistry and kindergarten. At least one person was killed according to photos uploaded on the internet after shelling. Different separatists ‘authorities’ report about different number of victims – from 5 to 15.


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