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Shell killed 13 civilians at bus stop in Donetsk

Terrorist shelled bus stop in Donetsk – 13 civilians killed

Shell killed 13 civilians at bus stop in Donetsk

Terrorist shelled the center of Donetsk city, the shell fell near the bus stop.

According to different sources, from 8 to 13 civilians were killed. This happened at 09.00 am.

Eyewitness said that the explosion of shell knocked out all windows in nearby buildings.

According to ‘Information Resistance’ group the shelling was carried out with 82-mm automatic mortar 2B9 ‘Vasilek’.

The ‘traveling mortar’ is installed on vehicle. Since summer pro-Russian fighters have been using such equipment to shell positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and quickly change positions then.

Russian mass media confirmed that shelling was carried out with mortar that is installed in a minibus, which means from the territory controlled by terrorists.

one of Ukrainian servicemen was brought there for bullying

However, acknowledgement of this fact did not prevent Russian and terrorist mass media from blaming Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This time cynicism of the media went even further. Yesterday when Ukrainian servicemen retreated from new terminal of Donetsk airport 16 of them were captured by terrorists.

Two hours after the tragedy at bus stop one of Ukrainian servicemen was brought there for bullying.

Cameras and journalists of Russian and pro-Russian mass media were already there.

The crowd shouted at soldier and even beat him. After that the man was put into vehicle with Russian numbers.

Attention, the video below contains obscene language and scenes of violence.

According to Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the shelling of a bus stop was carried out from the side where there had been no armed clashes previously.

The place of tragedy is located at distance of 15 km from the closest positions of Ukrainian army.

Taking into consideration the firing range of the weapons used – only 4.270 meters, there are no grounds to blame Ukrainian Armed Forces of the tragedy caused by terrorists.


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